Help Kids Cope With Moving


Kids thrive on familiarity and routines, so to learn that they are moving can be traumatic. Whether your decision to move is optional or not, some kids may have trouble understanding it, especially if they were not involved in the decision making process.

Here Are Some Discussion Tips For All Kids

  • Prepare your kids by informing them early about the move. Give them time to get used to the idea if possible. Talk about the move often to reinforce that it is real and going to happen.
  • Kids immediate reaction can be fear of the unknown. Try to give them plenty of information about the move and encourage any questions. Answer them honestly and be prepared for a variety of reactions.
  • If you’re moving nearby, take your kids to see the new destination. Allow them to do some exploring. Being able to visualize where they are going helps to relieve any anxiety.
  • Try to involve your kids in the move as much as possible so they feel they are contributing and being a good help. Encourage their opinions and participation. For example you may get them to help cut out some real estate ads from the paper to help find a house in their new town.
  • If moving far away, try to collate as much information and images of the new destination to show your kids the town/city, house, school. Find out what facilities and activities they can be involved in.


Once You Have Moved

Try to get your kids into familiar routines and their rooms unpacked as soon as possible, for example mealtimes, bedtimes and play times. The familiarity will help them settle and feel more secure.

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