Category: Money Matters

New Loan Closing Documents Coming October 2

Home buyers purchasing a home after October 2nd, 2015 should find their loan documents more easy to understand, but should expect to wait a little longer to close on the loan. Most visible for consumers will be different documents received when applying for and closing on a loan.

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Best Time To Buy Guide

When you shop can make a huge impact on finding the best deals. The best time to buy is when inventory is high and prices are low. For example spring style clothing is on sale just before Memorial Day and July 4th for summer fashion sales; just don’t wait too long when inventory and sizes …

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Tips On Gifting A Down Payment

Here is a tip for young people thinking about buying a home or for parents wanting to help their kids in a way of down payment assistance. If parents or relatives want to help financially, most lenders prefer to see the funds in the buyers’ savings or checking account at least two months prior to …

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